Reporting of Crimes and Disciplinary Actions

Effective October 17, 2015, RNs, LPNs, CRNPs, LDNs, and CNSs MUST notify the State Board of Nursing of the following:

  • Pending criminal charges
  • Criminal convictions (including a guilty plea, conviction following a trial, probation without verdict and Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition)
  • Disciplinary actions taken by other states/jurisdictions

Pending criminal charges and criminal convictions MUST be reported within 30 days of the action.

Discipline taken against a license in other states/jurisdictions MUST be reported within 90 days.

Notification should be made online at: As part of that notification, licensees will be able to upload relevant documents. Licensees who do not have internet access shall mail the notification and supporting documentation to the Board office.

Failure to make a timely report may result in the imposition of a disciplinary sanction.

A copy of this regulation can be found in the Pennsylvania Bulletin at

State Board of Nursing

Phone - (717) 783-7142

Fax - (717) 783-0822