PA Dept. of Health - Division of Nursing Care Facilities

Nursing Home Survey Observations

DOH surveyors have observed issues with Reliant mechanical lifts. Facilities should read and follow the owner's manual for proper operation and safety procedures. Specifically note weight limitation and do not use as a transport device. Facilities have been identified to be in an immediate jeopardy situation when it has been observed that the lifts do not have the correct clips. Facilities should inspect the lifts to determine whether their lifts have the correct clips and, if not, request them from the manufacturer, putting the lift out of service until they are obtained and documenting this monitoring process.

Surveyors have also seen increased instances of unresolved narcotic count discrepancies/losses, dosage errors with medications, resident elopements and instances when a two-person transfer is noted in the care plan but a one-person transfer was attempted and resulted in a fall with injuries.

Facilities are reminded that the Older Adults Protective Services Act (OAPSA) which was amended by Act 13 of 1997 mandates reporting suspected abuse to the local agency on aging and DOH. If the suspected abuse is sexual abuse, serious physical or bodily injury or suspicious death the law requires additional reporting to the PA Department of Aging (PDA) and local law enforcement.