FSES update

Per CMS memo dated 12/16/2016

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has adopted the 2012 Life Safety Code (LSC) and the 2012 Health Care Facilities Code (HCFC) through regulation (see 81 FR 26872, 5/4/16), effective July 5, 2016.
FSES Edition to be Used To Meet Fire Safety Requirements: If the FSES is being used to demonstrate compliance with the fire safety requirements, the version of the FSES for Health Care Occupancies and Board and Care Occupancies found in the 2013 edition of the Guide on Alternative Approaches to Life Safety, NFPA 101A must be used. A facility that achieves a passing score on the 2013 edition of the FSES will be considered to meet the fire safety requirements for certification and recertification with the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Survey Start Date: CMS began surveying for compliance with the 2012 LSC and HCFC on November 1, 2016. Facilities may now use the 2013 edition of the FSES. * Time Limited Waiver for Corrective Action: Long Term Care (LTC) facilities using the FSES may be granted a time limited waiver to correct certain deficiencies.