Dementia Care/Antipsychotic Drug Use in Nursing Homes

Per the DOH Message Board dated 9/19/2014: Re Best Practices and National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care and Reduce Antipsychotic Drug Use in Nursing Homes

Facilities submit CMS 672 forms (Census and Condition) during each recertification survey.

Contained on the CMS 672 form is the resident census (F78) at the time of the survey and the number of residents receiving antipsychotic medications (F134).

The data is analyzed by the Division of Nursing Care Facilities (DNCF) and compared to the previous recertification survey data submitted on the CMS 672 form.

If the percentage of antipsychotic use remains unchanged or is less than the previous recertification survey, DNCF requested that the facility share their best practice with others by submitting the program to DNCF for posting.

Attached is a spreadsheet indicating the facilities who have submitted their Best Practice Programs. Included on the spreadsheet is the facility name, the contact person, the phone number and the county where the facility is located.

Facilities shared their program components of reducing the use of antipsychotic drug use so that the programs could be successfully implemented by others.

You may contact the facilities who are noted on the spreadsheet or you may contact DNCF at 717-787-1816.