CMS Updates Phase 3 of Requirements of Participation

On June 29, 2022, CMS sent a memo to the State Survey Agency Directors providing revisions, clarifications and new guidance on the Requirements of Participation (RoP) that is effective October 24, 2022.


The revised guidance includes changes to the following:
F600, F607, F608, F609, F610 – all related to the freedom from abuse, neglect and misappropriation;
F622 related to admission, transfer and discharge;
F812 related to food and nutrition;
F689. F740 and F741 – related to mental health and substance use disorder (SUD);
F725 – related to nursing service staffing and specifically sufficient staff;
F61, F557, F563 and F582 – all related to resident rights;
F641, F658, F659 and F758 – related to comprehensive person-centered care plans and potential inaccurate diagnosis and/or assessment;
F755 and F757 related to pharmacy;
F880, F881 and F882 – related to infection control;
F847, F848 and F851 – related to administration;
F940, F941, F944, F945, F946 and F949 – related to training practices including infection prevention training and ethics training;
F910 and F919 related to physical environment;
F699 related to quality of care;
F865, F867, F687, F687, F687 and F868 related to QAPI with multiple additional requirements; and
State Operations Manual Chapter 5 have all been revised, updated or additional material has been added.


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