Access and Visitation Rights

July 2, 2013

Per latest posting from CMS on 6/28/2013

This memorandum reviews current interpretive guidelines for F-Tag 172, reiterating resident rights surrounding access and visitation.

Facility Obligations: LTC facilities must ensure that all individuals seeking to visit a resident be given full and equal visitation privileges, consistent with resident preference and within reasonable restrictions that safeguard residents.


CMS will be posting on the Five-Star Quality Rating System

July 1, 2013

CMS will be posting on the Five-Star Quality Rating System page of the website the results of an analysis that examined trends in the first three years of the Five-Star Quality Rating System.

The report was to be available on June 28, 2013. The report will be available under the downloads section of the web page available here:

CMS will be posting on the Five-Star Quality Rating System Attachment for CMS will be posting on the Five-Star Quality Rating System

News from PADONA

June 9, 2013

This memo conveys clarification to Appendices P and PP related to nursing home residents with dementia (F309) and unnecessary drug use (F329) in the State Operations Manual.

News from PADONA

CMS Announcement

June 9, 2013

CMS is pleased to announce the rollout of introductory materials to help nursing homes establish a foundation to implement and sustain QAPI. These materials are now available to the public through the CMS QAPI website.


Provider Bulletin from DOH

December 3, 2012

View the latest Provider Bulletin from DOH on Decreasing Antipsychotic Medications

Provider Bulletin from DOH

CMS Medication Errors and Pharmacy Services 11/2/12

November 19, 2012

CMS provided clarification on three specific topics related to medication errors and pharmacy services:

Medication Errors: Potential medication errors related to medication administration via feeding tube and administration timing for metered dose inhalers and proton pump inhibitors and survey implications.

Medication Administration Practices: The practice of "borrowing" medications and issues related to diversion, control, reconciliation and disposal of medications, including fentanyl patches.

Medication Regimen Reviews for Stays under 30 days and/or Changes in Condition: The need for pharmacist medication regimen reviews when a resident experiences a change in condition and/or for residents admitted for less than 30 days.

CMS Medication Errors and Pharmacy Services 11/2/12

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